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Our founders are experienced experts in lifestyle,  m1ndset, nutrition and high performance health coaching to optimize focus and unlock your potential in life. It’s Game On! 

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Coaching Packages

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M1ndfuel Coaching

The proven 12 week blueprint for optimized health, energy and lifestyle without the stress. 

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M1nd Focus

Optimized is all about efficiency. Learning the powerful systems to enhance productivity and focus.

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Executive Nutrition

The M1ndfuel and energy coaching program specifically designed for corporate execs and professionals.


We Are Committed to helping our Clients Challenge the Status Quo of Performance & Nutrition that is easy & sustainable.

Values we live by


Integrity & Purpose

The cornerstone of our every decision, belief and intention. Integrity drives our vision and purpose fuels it. When both of these are clear, anything and everything is possible.


Passion for Growth

The key to success is the journey itself. Continuous small wins and infinite progress. The goal is not the end game, and "the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."


Exponential Results

Defined by a 'rapid increase', we see clients exponentially transform daily. It's impressive beyond definition, and so can you. Follow and implement the science of growth and thrive.

Team of Expertise

A legendary team of experience. The M1ndfuel team is ready to share, empower and help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Performance Coaches

The art and science of coaching. Simplified to make change growth and success easy and repeatable.

Masterm1nd Mentors

Based on decades of high performance experience in the corporate sector and athletic performance.


Steve O'Malley

MD, Vital Consulting

“M1ndfuel Coaching has changed the way I approach energy and productivity. I tried many other courses, but it was still overwhelming. These guys made it simple, progressive and sustainable.”

Emilie Bradely

Operations, Entrepreneur

“For over 10 years, I struggled to balance energy, stress and my health. The M1ndfuel methods and growth tools have  consistently proven their value and effectiveness to optimize my mental health, clarity in goals and actions required to achieve them.”

Jane Diggard

Marketing Executive

“I had no idea the impact this coaching program was going to have on my work and personal life. No more grinding out hard days of work, no more randomness. My thoughts, energy and actions are intentional without procrastination.”


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