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Cosmos Cafe Bangkok

Once the cooking grounds of a well-known Thai restaurant, Cosmos Café has lifted off in delivering palatable experiences in Sukhumvit Soi 23 since early 2022. The brainchild of a culinary aficionado – with a Thai and Japanese restaurant occupying almost the same space – this latest endeavour for caffeine-seeking adventurers shows the incremental demand for coffee bars with a unique character.

Operating under the slogan “The Café at the End of the Universe”, the clean design has propelled Instagram enthusiasts to have a peek and a sip. Located at the higher end of Soi 23, near the main entrance of the famous Srinakharinwirot University, it is a creative bout from the operators to affirm that Coffee is Universal. The latter is proudly etched in the woodwork behind the counter.

A decent brew is delivered in the end, we must admit. Priced at levels that set Cosmos Café in the upper echelon of the coffee bar market, it is its setting and various seating corners, setting it apart from the other local bars and places. From almost hugging the pavement on soft pillows with feet dangling above the street to its rooftop terrace (with some shading), the layout is set for a quick in-and-out rather than a comfortable space to work and socialize. 

Its core beans are sourced from Thailand’s fertile north, offering a delectable taste of the served brew with a more Arabica-tinted aftertaste. On its simple menu, Cosmos Café offers other blends, ranging from a Signature Samui cup to Ethiopian-imported beans for a more connoisseur liquid trip of the caffeine kind. In good Thai fashion, ample coffee varieties are available, decorated in almost all the colours of the rainbow and with toppings that will spike insulin levels to new heights.  

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