Holey Artisan Bakery – Bangkok Coffee Spot

Holey Artisan Bakery

Enter the artisan world of Holey.

Housed in a 2-story corner-house off Soi 31, this is one of these places you almost will miss but don’t want to when seeking an almost salacious insight into the world of Bangkok’s authentic baking and brewing. The rustic exterior of the Holey Artisan Bakery, defined by clean white walls and wooden furniture for those in need of a breath of fresh air, is the entrance into a world where hues of sheer passion for the good life engulfs its interior.

The name may indicate that bread, cakes, and light meals are the driving factors behind its vision, mission and core values but there is more brewing behind its glass doors. And that’s coffee.

For those knowing the Holey Artisan Bakery, no introduction is further needed. Relying on a steady flow of loyal customers to those guided into its direction to give it a try, its caffeinated beverages almost perfectly complement the crispy crusts of fresh-baked loaves of bread or the sweetened taste of its cakes, muffins and cookies. And lots of its doughy delectable dishes are chosen with health in mind.

Voluptuous cups of the good stuff – be it your traditional Americano or cappuccino – are served to your table by the large crew of baristas and kitchen staff to please its clientele. Full flavours are freshly ground and aromatic until one’s final sip; we have to complement the proprietors in selecting medium-roasted beans like pairing the right wine with a six-course dinner ensemble.

Weekends may tend to get a larger part of the Bangkok community to hike, bike or ride towards the Holey Artisan Bakery for a leisurely breakfast or brunch, its weekdays seems to be more favourable for a quick lunch.

It may be the warmth – with an almost Scandinavian living feeling – of what’s on display that has turned this fine establishment into a regular meeting spot for couples, families and those seeking a quiet hideaway for a coffee with an artisan condiment.

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