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Starbucks EmQuartier

Little extra introduction is needed why the white mermaid on a green background has gained name and fame in the coffee world. Bangkok’s labyrinth of streets and sois are prone to have at least one Starbucks. From smart spacing to using an elaborate means to entice patrons to stay longer and consume more.

Although the concept of street-level openings remains one of the priorities of this American brand, a more nature-inspired branch has settled in on top of Bangkok’s EmQuartier, and particularly the one on the Helix side. Yes, also the other side of modern shopping destination has a smaller, yet less inviting coffee outlet bearing the same name. Tucked away from the upper to high-end shopping enclaves a few floors below, those who know this rooftop branch regularly camp out for a cuppa, a talk and simply escape the hustle and bustle of what happens down below. 

Consistency is key when entering a Starbucks. Engrained in everyone’s mind with a weakness for whatever caffeinated concoctions they market and serve, this wide spaced-out arm plays even more on the relaxing side of drinking coffee. There is no need to explain why people choose a Starbucks over an Amazon or True Coffee because Starbucks know why they are in the market to disrupt the status quo and can charge premium prices for what many claims as an average brew.

The philosophy and sales strategy is not to stay stable in its coffee menu; it is this tactic to spicing, sweetening or bittering up its core product to flow with the seasons. It turns no longer into a coffee factory but a bittersweet symphony of desserts and flavoured mixtures of colours and taste bud tantalisers. Ever noticed that with every coffee (of some kind) order, the attention moves towards adding the well-designed and thought of display of cakes, cookies and sandwiches? Yup, it is part of their training because it is here where they make the money. The icing on your strawberry-flavoured latte.

There is little to flaw in the use of psychology Starbucks uses for visitors in spending more. There brightly lit cooling display with their bakery stuff, a mixture of comfortable seats and bar-style corners for a quick sip. Adding some free internet into the formula and seeing students blazing through their study material for hours with nothing but a bottle of water by their side; is all part of their strategy to consuming more.

Busy always looks better than a few empty seats. Means something is brewing well inside, even though we know there is another one at the other side of the shopping arena that may not be as attractive.

The calmer natural setting of the Helix chapter of Starbucks is a hidden treasure for a more relaxed experience, be it inside or outside. Even some of our team members have found this coffee experience one of the finer examples, however, Starbucks still has a lot to learn from delivering performance-enhancers in the coffee portfolio.

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