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Artis Coffee

Not connected in any way to the famous zoo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, bearing the same name, Artis brings forward an ooze of social satisfaction to the Sukhumvit streets. Taking a strategic spot on the corner of Soi 18 and the main aorta of downtown Bangkok, the quality of its location is next to superb. 

Although small in size, its menu covers ample choices for a quick lunch, a leisurely breakfast or a genuine hotspot for a coffee meet-up. Simple in décor, its inside and outside seating areas offer choices for those in need of a sit and a brew.

Its simplicity in menu and options for a cosy time reflect perhaps not what it stands for in terms of quality coffee. Priced on the level of the almighty brand with its green/white mermaid as its mascot, Artis’ Americano prices are on par with this well-branded and represented name in the coffee world.

Sourcing its Arabica beans from the hill tribes up north, the Thai traditions of being a prime producer of great beans are well represented in its freshly ground cup of coffee. Artis prides itself on only sourcing 100% Single Origin coffee exclusively from the Golden Triangle, allowing the hand-picked beans to rest for a couple of days before it turns into a fine cup of coffee. For more specialist imported beans, the team behind Artis coffee displays its latest coffee findings inside, with prices to match.

A decent cup is to be expected when comfortably taking a seat inside or outside its covered terrace, with a full view of manic Sukhumvit Road. Yet the feeling of being smack bam in downtown should not scare one away for a performance-enhancing cup of black liquid.

Yet in good old Thai fashion, do expect various concoctions of coffee variations to cater to the demand of those with a sweet tooth or are in for a cup of tea. Also an extensive smoothie and fruit infusions make it to the menu of Artis. 

Try their espressos; according to Artis’ own acclaimed roast master, the hill tribe-sourced beans are best when sipped in espresso format.

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